Business Development


Business Development Skills


Length: 3 Hours. CPD Point Guide: 3.

How much have you invested in your selling and relationship building skills, or the skills of your team members? In this competitive world of business, we need to take every opportunity to be better than our competition. Sales skills constantly need to be honed and new methods to need to be tried and tested in your own sales environment.

The following skills and techniques have been tried and tested in a number of industries and proven to be successful, however, each sales environment requires it’s own set of skills and more emphasis might be placed on some skills than others. That being the case, look closely at the material included in this course and decide how you will implement each lesson into your current sales tasks.

Learning Outcomes.

The Learner Will:

  1. Understand the importance of a positive attitude,
  2. Understand the sales process,
  3. Understand how to develop customer relationships,
  4. Understand the importance of networking,
  5. Understand how to effectively handle enquiries,
  6. Understand how to use social media in the business environment
  7. Closing techniques

Use the links at the bottom of each page to progress through the material. Remember to read the content including any tabs with additional topics as you will be tested on this information at the end of the Lesson.

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