Network Principles

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Length: Varied,  SQA Code: H3BP 04, SCQF Credit Points: 10

Whether you are hardware technician or a software developer, all IT Professionals should be able to give a basic explanation of fundamental network principles. As a growing number of computer applications rely on connectivity in one way or another, it’s a good idea to take the time now to find out what networking options are available to you.

Learning Outcomes.

The Learner Will:

  1. Understand physical and logical network topologies
  2. Understand the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model
  3. Understand the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)
  4. Design a LAN Infrastructure to meet a given requirement.

Use the links at the bottom of each page to progress through the material. Remember to read the content including any tabs with additional topics as you will be tested on this information at the end of the Lesson.

This Lesson consists of three theory units and one practical. To pass the theory units you will need to study the material here and then head over to the Google Classroom and complete the assignments then mark it as ‘done’. To pass the practical test at the end of the course, go to the classroom and complete the scenario.


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